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Hon. T. Desmond Bannister MP, Minister of Public Works Keynote Speaker Hon. Howard Rickey Mackey MP, North Eleuthera – Welcome, brief remarks and introduction of the Minister; Thomas A Sands, Jr President, Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce
CEO/Director Rock Sound Properties (1976) Ltd
– “What Is World Class?”; Erma Carey Treasurer and Corporate Secretary,  Eleuthera Properties Limited – “Eleuthera Properties’ Contribution to the Creation of a World Class Destination at South Eleuthera”; Dean Spychalla Managing Director, Valentine’s Residences, Resort & Marina & President Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board – “Update”; Ryan Pinder Partner, Graham, Thompson & Co – “4M Project (expansion of the Harbour Island Club and Marina); Sen. Clay Sweeting, Owner, Tees R Us; Chuck Pinder, Councilor, The Spanish Local Government Board Member of the Fisheries Advisory Committee to The Department of Marine Resources; Part Owner and Operator of The Sea Gem Fishing Company Ltd – “Fishing”; Andre Knowles, Chief Commercial Officer, BTC, “Update” Michelle Natasha Evans Private Sector Analyst, IDB – “Opportunities for Green Financing with the IDB” . Moderating will be Kerry Fountain Executive Director, Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board.