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Welcome to this 26th Annual Bahamas Business Outlook and happy New Year!

TCL Group, as founders and organizers of the Business Outlook Series, is humbly grateful that BBO has endured and progressed for more than a quarter century. We are even prouder that BBO and its sister forums held in Grand Bahama, Abaco, Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros and Long Island have established a record of delivering high quality information and expert commentary on issues of national import.

Never before in the history of the Outlooks has it been more important to deliver trustworthy information and boost the public conversation on the state of the national affairs. The past few years have been ones of great dynamism in our country. We have witnessed numerous events, both positive and negative, which have had or are likely to have a significant impact on the economic and social development of The Bahamas.

It is a matter of pride for us as Bahamians that our compatriots are coming alive to the importance of accessing solid and the widest information on matters that affect the quality of our lives throughout the beautiful archipelago that we call home. We are even more pleased that more of our fellow Bahamians are exercising their right to contribute to the national conversation. TCL is grateful to be able to offer a number of vehicles to allow Bahamians to share their ideas and aspirations.

This year, 2017 promises to be hallmarked by great dynamism. In short order, Bahamian citizens will be going to the polls to select the men and women who will form the next government administration. This is a time of great significance for the future direction of The Bahamas and it is our best interest to approach the elections soberly and well-informed. Bahamas Business Outlook is doing its part to assist the process by bringing together a slate of speakers who are well-positioned to bring vital information and much food for careful thought.

I wish us all a year of great success and the zeal to contribute to the quality development of The Bahamas and the uplift of all Bahamians. Let’s join together here on in to brand our islands for master and excellence in all that we do that is good for us, our country and all humanity.

Joan Albury

President, TCL Group.