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Featuring the Hon. T. Desmond Bannister, MP, Minister of Public Works as principal speaker, an innovative 6th annual Business Outlook in the Eleuthera group will be held Thursday, April 26 at Valentine’s Residences, Resort & Marina on Harbour Island. One of the novel additions will a workshop led by the Department of Inland Revenue on the new Business Licence format, showing applicants how to take advantage of the speed and ease the new process offers.

Themed “Creating A World-Class Eleuthera, Harbour Island & Spanish Wells”, the Outlook programme will offer a wide range of presentations from leaders, developers, businesspersons and tourism and promotion board representatives.

In addition to the Minister of Public Works, who will deliver the keynote on the theme, speakers and their topics (where available) will include: Hon. Howard Rickey Mackey, MP, North Eleuthera – Welcome, brief remarks and introduction of the Minister; Thomas A Sands, Jr President, Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce, CEO/Director Rock Sound Properties (1976) Ltd – “What Is World Class?”; Erma Carey; Treasurer and Corporate Secretary, Eleuthera Properties Limited – “Eleuthera Properties’ Contribution to the Creation of a World Class Destination at South Eleuthera”; Dean Spychalla; Managing Director, Valentine’s Residences, Resort & Marina & President, Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board – “Update”; Ryan Pinder, Partner, Graham, Thompson & Co – “4M Project (expansion of the Harbour Island Club and Marina); Sen. Clay Sweeting, Owner, Tees R Us; Chuck Pinder, Councilor, The Spanish Local Government Board, Member of the Fisheries Advisory Committee to The Department of Marine Resources; Part Owner and Operator of The Sea Gem Fishing Company Ltd . – “Fishing”; Andre Knowles, Chief Commercial Officer, BTC, “Update”; Ian Pratt, Director, Bahamas Power & Light and Michelle Natasha Evans, Private Sector Analyst, IDB – “Opportunities for Green Financing with the IDB”. Moderating will be Kerry Fountain, Executive Director, Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board.

Joan Albury, President, TCL Group & developer and chief organizer of the 26-year old Business Outlook Series commented as to how the 2018 event will reflect a number of innovations in the format of the 26-year old Business Outlook Series.

“From its inception, the goal of the Business Outlook Series has always been to bring greater awareness to the challenges and opportunities for developing business and, consequently, for contributing to building The Bahamas as a whole. We have started to add workshops to each Outlook that will assist Bahamians in acquiring the know-how to take advantage of new opportunities or more successfully confront existing challenges. This year, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experts the ins and outs of the new Business Licence programme in order to take advantage of the processing ease and speed, which it affords them. In 2017, we launched this aspect of our programme with workshops on using social media to advantage.

“The title of the upcoming Outlook—“Eleuthera, Harbour Island & Spanish Wells Business Outlook”—is another innovation. We want to tell the world that Eleuthera is a powerhouse of islands—the Eleuthera mainland, Spanish Wells and Harbour Island—with the history, skills and community spirit that have already made an amazing contribution to national development with the ability to do far more. This thrust is also represented in the fact that multiple contacts give Eleutherans the opportunity to register with offices nearer their communities,” Mrs Albury said.

Those wishing to register for 6th Annual Eleuthera, Harbour Island & Spanish Wells Business Outlook may do so online at Or register online at or contact the following: Margaret Albury, The Counsellors Ltd, e-mail, | Tel: 242.322.7505; Jacqueline Gibson, Ministry of Tourism, Eleuthera, e-mail: | Tel: 242.332.2141 or 332.248; Thomas A. Sands Jr., Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce, e-mail: | Tel: 242.334.2356 or 359.701, or June Dean, Ministry of Tourism, Harbour Island; e-mail: | Tel:242.333.262.